Inova Plastics provides high-quality food packaging at all stages of production


In INOVA, founded in 1980, we aim at providing the food market with safe, innovative, experiential & sustainable packaging solutions.

Our vision is to design, create & offer an environmentally conscious, secure and competend food packaging era to the future generations.

Over the years, in INOVA, being fully aware of our responsibility to cater food to the consumers, we have developed a scientific, industry-leading integrated organization, which today is one of the leading corporations in the Hellenic market.

We manufacture packaging products for companies in the following sectors


Our extensive technological know-how and our state-of-the-art production facilities grant us with the ability to provide integrated individual service to our clients and an exciting customer shopping experience.


15,000 sq.m. accommodate state-of-the art equipment that is fully exploited by the heart of INOVA, its people.
Research & Development and Industrial Designers together develop the technology-forward propositions in the food packaging market, whereas the Engineering department and the Prototypes’ department perform the quality controls and the effectiveness of the designs.
Production area includes 27 injection molding robotic machines as well as PaperTray production area. Also, an ERP of cutting-edge technology operates in INOVA logistics’ area.

We invest in every stage of the production process


We certify the quality and safety of the finished product

As food-carriers, we take our responsibility very seriously, aiming at delivering the food to the end-consumer in a safe manner, preserving its taste and quality characteristics.
For this, INOVA is certified with numerous safety and quality international protocols, from its resources’ production until the end-product delivery.


Together we find the solution that best covers your needs.

Our aim is to create a food packaging solution that will build on your product proposition, create a memorable consumer experience and secure food safety and quality.

Our designers study your consumer behavior and where the product will be placed, so as to best exploit all the possibilities and ensure an emotional bonding between the consumer and the product.


We are extremely proud that our work is being recognised every year by Packaging Awards

Aiming at becoming better and better every year, we are grateful for the awards we have won over the last years.
INOVA is shortlisted in relative packaging categories due to the innovation, top quality and functionality that its products demonstrate.
We are honored as one of the top food packaging companies in Greece and we are proud to see our awarded products travel around the globe, through our clients’ export activities.

Innovation in
Mixed Packaging

Innovation in
Mixed Packaging