Our commitment

In INOVA we advocate sustainability in all our business procedures. We progress ensuring minimum environmental footprint for our company and for our products throughout their lifecycle.

Innovative product propositions using recycled and recyclable materials, strategic partnerships with responsible sourcing partners and new products’ development are some of the daily challenges that we, at INOVA, responsibly undertake in view of the UN Sustainable Business Goals (SBGs).

we believe in recyclable

Case studies & Innovations

With our extensive knowledge of the industry’s stringent requirements from the point of view of quality and procedures, we offer a broad range of plastic packaging to meet the diverse needs of each customer. Moreover, nothing is more important for Inova than ensuring that we meet all the legally required health and safety standards in the manufacture of the finished product.

Rethinking the future of plastics

Rethinking the future of plastics is essential to protect our planet. This global challenge is the responsibility of all to safeguard a sustainable future for the planet, and society as a whole. Designing products and packaging for recyclability to reduce plastics waste to conserve the natural environment is a priority for NGOs, businesses and individuals alike.