At INOVA we work based on a technology-forward design & production model, which grants us with the opportunity to offer our clients vast flexibility, undeniable efficiency, definite safety and of course aesthetics.
Sustainable food packaging solutions that meet our customers’ needs and enhance the shopping experience of the end consumer.


INOVA PaperTray is the innovative paper packaging for food. Produced at INOVA’s facilities in Greece, PaperTray is the respond to the international market trend towards sustainable food packaging solutions.

INOVA Board Skin is a food packaging solution which consists of 100% recycled cardboard, covered by a synthetic film and offers countless 360° benefits.

With the attributes of plastic, such as safety, strength and efficiency, BioPlastics are made of sugarcane. 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable.

rPET stands for recycled PET (plastic). Imagine all the water bottles’ plastic, being recycled to produce your food products’ packaging. How great is that?