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food packaging

Inova has been manufacturing plastic packaging for more than 40 years, and we’ve significantly expanded our portfolio over the decades. Thanks to the wide range of technologies at our disposal, we’re able to create packaging products in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. At Inova, every product is matched with the packaging solution that gives it optimal protection – and sets it off to best effect.


PaperTray is the innovative paper packaging, produced by INOVA, the sustainable replacement of single-use plastic food containers.


BioPlastic is a material which is totally made out of sugar cane, yet it has all the quality attributes of a safe food packaging and is ideal for dairy and desserts, coffee capsules, food containers & bottles of water, soft drinks etc.


rPET is the sustainable food packaging material produced by recycled plastic packaging. Ideal for high barrier needs & environmentally friendly, since it can be always reused.


Tubs, the most usual food packaging item is convenient for both fill-in restaurants & stores, and packaged food. In any colour, of plastic, paper, rPET or BioPlastic, standard or tailor-made for your needs.


INOVA trays, are made of all innovative or conventional materials, that best fit the food prerequisites for safety and long shelf-life, whereas they serve branding & transportation needs.


Lids that fit in all kinds of tubs and trays, in any color, in any shape, in any material. Ensure and enhance the quality standards of your packaging.


Browse through our full range of certified, practical and reusable containers that meet all the needs for volume, safety and functionality, of the demanding process and supply chain all the way to the food service professional.